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Smartphone for a girl

Today, almost all of humanity on earth uses mobile communication devices, while everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that a smartphone on Android performs not only the role of a phone, but also a game console, storage medium, messenger, media player, camera and video camera. For some users, an advanced smartphone model as a way to identify themselves in society is a status thing that emphasizes style, thinking and lifestyle.

It should also be noted that modern devices are no longer divided into male and female, as was the case with button models, when men chose solid black and gray monoblocks, and women liked colored clamshells and sliders more. A modern phone is a unisex device. No rules, it just has its own nuances!

A smartphone for a girl, as a rule, is a thinner and more compact device (as the desire of the majority of female representatives), fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and does not cause discomfort when used with one hand, after all, first of all, ladies evaluate the phone visually, therefore the visual component is also important as well as screen size, good cameras and no freezes.
Not every female representative will choose a device for herself, delving into technical specifications, and because he has a 4-core processor and a frequency of 1.3 GHz. For many ladies, it’s much more important how the phone looks and good photos, but what if the global unification of devices made mobile visually strict, restrained, without all sorts of frills?
Universal case
There are a lot of cases for smartphones on Android, most of them are universal. Here the expression becomes very relevant: the eyes run wide, and the problem is the best smartphone for a woman, which one to choose for the holiday for her beloved even fades a little against the background of choosing a suitable cover. So how do you choose an accessory that fits your phone well? You can choose a case for a specific model for a long time and carefully, looking for a beautiful and bright one, or you can choose a universal option that fits almost all smartphones, the main thing is that the diagonal matches. In addition, the assortment of universal accessories is much larger, more diverse and more interesting if you turn to themed electronics stores or to foreign online stores such as eBay, Aliexpress, etc.
Custom designed case
If you want to please with an original surprise, you can make a case for an individual order, since today it is not a problem and many shops and websites offer similar services. The limitation in such an accessory will be only your imagination and budget, otherwise you can rely on professionals. The decoration of the cover can be any picture, photo, initials or the name and surname of the user, a funny phrase, a collage of photos, etc.
Women’s smartphone apps
A smartphone for a girl without girlish applications is a device useless in every sense (however, like a male device without boys). The benefit of the Android OS and its Play Store, and its hundreds of cutest applications, can satisfy even the most demanding lady: a little girl, a woman of mature age, a freaky lover of eternal parties or a girl of strict principles, and other representatives of the fair sex too:

• For sports and active. Such programs help girls draw up a suitable exercise pattern, control their physical activity, keep statistics of success, change body shape and weight. Such programs include MyBody, Health and Fitness, My fitness, Endomodo Sports, and others;

• To control nutrition. A great option for girls who carefully study the composition of products, calories and take into account the ratio of BJU. Take a look at: “Diets”, “Calorie Calculator”, “Nutrition Diary”, FatSecret, FitFly, etc .;

• Applications that monitor fluid intake. They help to correctly calculate the amount of water consumed per day, taking into account individual characteristics. Good helpers will be: “Time to drink water”, Hydro Coach drink water, Hydro drink water, Waterbalance, etc .;

• For shopping. Real helpers in the compilation, sorting and control of purchases. Google Play offers a ton of interesting applications: Market, Shopping List, Dictate and Buy, etc .;

• Women’s calendars. Very convenient applications for monitoring the cycle, at a convenient moment, remind you of the approach of the PMS: MyLade Calendar, LoveCycles, etc.

• Kitchen assistants. A huge number of applications with thematic recipes, a timer for cooking meals: “Festive dishes”, “Cookbook”, “Culinary recipes”;

• Fashion and Style. No comment: Women’s Secrets, Styles, Makeup, etc.

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