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Password in smartphone
Literally over the past few years, the role of a mobile phone in the life of a modern person has changed radically. New, incredible features have turned an ordinary communicator…

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Password in smartphone

Literally over the past few years, the role of a mobile phone in the life of a modern person has changed radically. New, incredible features have turned an ordinary communicator for communication into a device with rich functionality, including a convenient storage of user personal information, which is always at hand at any time. It can be anything: binding to bank cards and passwords from them, configured access accounts for the mailbox, social networks, various personal notes, photos and much more. In general, all information requires protection against intrusion and the most reasonable way is to install protection on the phone. Password is what is the most affordable and easiest way to protect your device from unauthorized access. This can be done easily with the help of standard settings, without installing third-party programs and applications.

Let’s try to simulate a not very pleasant situation when your Android smartphone is in the hands of an absolutely stranger no matter what way and in an instant all personal data ceases to be personal. Not only photos, phone books, messages, social networks, the versatility of modern smartphones, including the HighScreen brand, will be at risk, it even allows you to manage your business, so operating a mobile device without protection is extremely unreasonable.

The need to set a password should not scare users, because phone protection optimally combines simplicity, convenience and security due to the fact that the user independently chooses the degree of protection that he needs. When the device is not in operation very often, you can come up with a password with a high degree of complexity, if it is necessary that the smartphone is always at hand, it is better to choose protection with an average level of complexity. By and large, the complexity of the password is not paramount, the main thing is that its use will create some protection for your device.

The simplest and most common ways to set a lock on your phone include a standard PIN, pattern, and password.

1. PIN code. It is the most common among users. The minimum digital code is 4 characters. When choosing this or that combination, it is strongly recommended not to use data that is semantic and may be known to strangers: all kinds of dates, phone numbers, etc.

2. The graphic key. Quite an interesting way to protect your smartphone. To create it, you need to connect a certain number of points with your finger, the minimum allowable – four. This combination will need to be repeated every time access to the device is required.

3. Password. It is a kind of compromise between the PIN code and the graphic key. Nevertheless, the reliability exceeds both the first and second options, since when creating it requires the use of a complex combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Also, there are several other types of protection that can be installed on the phone: password in the form of scrolling and password – face control.

1. Scrolling. This option can be called protection with a stretch, because in order to remove the block you just need to pull the lock up or to the side. Scrolling will be able to protect the device only from accidental inclusion in a bag or pocket, from the intervention of an outsider, this will not become protection.

2. Face control. To create such a key, a photograph of the user’s face is required. As well as scrolling, it does not create lasting protection – a person with similar facial features easily unlocks the device.
The advantages of setting a password on a smartphone include the speed and simplicity of the action itself, as well as the fact that this task does not require any third-party programs.

Among the shortcomings, oddly enough this sounds, is the fact that without a password access to data cannot be obtained. Situations can be completely unpredictable, and it may happen that someone from your loved ones needs to make a call from your smartphone and because of the password they simply can not do it. To perform basic everyday tasks: calls, viewing e-mail, social networks, etc., you will need to constantly enter your password, which may ultimately cause irritation. In addition, it must be remembered that several times an incorrectly entered password can lead to temporary blocking of some devices.

Also, it was experimentally established that the use of a graphic key is very doubtful as a reliable protection. Although this particular method is the most popular and is loved by users for its simplicity – in order to unlock a smartphone you only need to draw a simple pattern on the screen and access to the device is open. Firstly, it is very fast, and secondly, it does not require memorizing intricate combinations of their symbols, numbers and letters.

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