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Cons of modern smartphones
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Features of an inexpensive smartphone

Most users dream of buying an inexpensive smartphone that has the maximum capabilities. It is not so easy for a professional to do this. Often the difference and the possibilities of inexpensive phones are not obvious, and the seller’s advice is not always objective. But do not despair! Even in a difficult economic situation, there are excellent market offers for buying a smartphone “for inexpensive”. In this article “on the possibilities of inexpensive smartphones”, we will help to reveal the difference between gadgets, show an example of prices for smartphones, introduce readers to the main characteristics of cell phones.

The steps towards purchasing an inexpensive smartphone are based on a clear understanding of the following three points:

The price of a smartphone that you are really willing to spend.
The appearance of the smartphone and its convenience, just for you.
Functional requirements for a smartphone.

Let’s consider these steps in more detail:

Smartphone Prices
Define a clear price bar for your future smartphone. So, it can be a minimum threshold of 2000-5000 rubles or a category of phones in the range from 5000 to 8000 rubles, and so on. Each user decides for himself which price level is acceptable for him.

Phone view
So that the purchase of the phone is not upset in the future, the device should suit you externally. Take a closer look at the shape of the phone – it should be convenient when in your hand. When buying a gadget via the Internet, the width, height, weight of the device are indicated in the product descriptions. The size of the phone is affected primarily by the size of the screen. The most popular screens are sizes from 5 to 6 inches. The larger the screen of the smartphone, the larger the information displayed on the screen. Pay attention to the display of information, perhaps a small screen size of 5 inches is quite suitable for you, and perhaps you would prefer a larger screen, which is most popular – 6 inches or more. Next, check out the photo and video reviews on various resources, thematic reviews of owners on the Internet.

Smartphone Features
In order to choose the right mobile phone yourself, in most cases it is enough to pay attention to key characteristics:

1) Number of cores
In inexpensive / cheap smartphones, this figure is from 2 to 4 GB. This indicator affects the speed of the smartphone, the more cores, the faster the applications launch, the faster the Internet pages load, and so on. The optimal indicator for an inexpensive smartphone is 4 cores, this parameter is enough for the phone to work quickly. If your budget is designed for more than 8,000 rubles, then you can consider more powerful smartphones with an 8-core processor.

2) The presence of 2 SIM cards in the phone
This important criterion must be taken into account, if you plan to have two SIM cards for constant use. A smartphone with 2 SIM cards will allow you to avoid buying a second phone.

3) Camera
Usually, even inexpensive smartphones are equipped with a camera of 5 megapixels. If you prefer to keep important moments in life in the photo, give preference to smartphones with a camera of at least 8 megapixels. With a higher budget, you can consider phones with a camera from 12 MP.

4) Year of release
Find out the start date of sales of a particular cell. Give preference to models that are on sale for no more than two to three years. Mobile technology is developing rapidly. New mobile phones are equipped much better, are more functional than their predecessors, released several years ago.

5) Battery capacity
Unfortunately, equipping smartphones with advanced technologies affects the battery consumption of the phone. Smartphones 2019, in the vast majority, work about 1-2 without recharging. If, however, it is important for your phone to work as long as possible, pay attention to models with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh or more. Such devices are usually not miniature, but they can really increase the operating time of a mobile phone, and, accordingly, provide comfort to its owner. Take a look at the catalog of Highscreen smartphones with a large 5000 mAh battery

6) screen resolution
This is an important indicator, especially if your plans include the use of the Internet, viewing photos, or you simply prefer to see a clear, high-quality picture on the screen. Give preference to a screen resolution of at least 720 * 1280 pixels. The more pixels, the clearer the display of information on the screen.

7) Brand
Pay attention to the reputation of the company. Examine the information about the manufacturer before buying. Do not consider phone models of unknown Chinese brands, for the reason that incomprehensible devices can never guarantee that the declared functions correspond to the actual ones, reliability, after-sales service and support, a guarantee of repair or return. At the same time, for mobile phones of famous brands, most of the cost is included in the promotion of the brand itself, and if you are not an unequivocal supporter of a particular brand, pay attention to manufacturers with a lesser known name.

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