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Frequently asked questions for Android smartphones.
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Android 10 – what’s new, features and capabilities

The updated Android OS to version 10 is not yet found in mass production, but there is already a lot of information to consider what its differences are from previous versions. The tenth version received a number of rather interesting innovations, how weighty they are, to judge consumers based on the needs in each case. For some, the innovations will not be significant, for some, the new parameters will be of genuine interest.

Consider some of the key features announced by the developer:

“Dark theme”
Added the ability to display the screen menu in black. We are talking about quickly turning on the dark mode in the settings, spreading globally to all sections of the menu and some applications. This mode may be of interest for aesthetic reasons, in order to relieve eye strain at a certain time of the day or to save energy on devices with OLED screens.

Recognizing text from Live Caption videos
When playing any video, it became possible to recognize the spoken text with its output to the screen. In other words, there is a translation of subtitles in real time. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If, in reality, no restrictions are imposed on the Russian language, then this function opens up broad prospects and conveniences, for example: watching videos in a public place, without headphones, reading subtitles, learning English, watching thematic videos displayed on the screen text, assistance to bloggers, which consists in adding text to the video, if necessary, etc. It will also play an important role for people with reduced hearing.
Smart Answers
For incoming messages, quick access is often used to respond through the notification curtain at the top of the screen. According to the developers, users will be offered a choice of popular short answers, selected in meaning, suitable for the received text message. The smartphone owner will have to click on the appropriate proposed answer and the forward button.

For those who like to use emojis, 65 new pictures have been added.

It has created an updated privacy menu located in the Settings section. It is more conveniently presented and grouped with information related to location data, access to geolocation, blocker of background applications, settings for displaying personalized ads and rejecting them, etc.

Control mode
This is an interesting feature. It allows you to limit the work with a mobile phone and, probably, first of all it will interest parents who want to monitor the time that their child spends on the gadget. For example, a number of blocking functions are provided after a specified time or disconnecting notifications from specific online services.
smartphones in Russia sale.jpgShare WiFi
Traditionally, Google has been working on security-related details. So, in the new Android 10 system, the function of generating a QR code has been added in order to forward access to a Wi-Fi connection to your guest, without the very possibility of seeing a password.

Foldable Display Support
Some cell makers are announcing the advent of foldable phones. The new Android 10 system has taken the first step for the correct operation of its OSes with similar devices, adapting applications to different types of screen layout on one device.

As we can see, the Android operating system is trying to keep pace with the times, offering consumers new opportunities for convenient operation of the gadget. Well, how important the above innovations are for the user is up to you.

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