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Cons of modern smartphones
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Is mobile phone safe?
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Mobile fraud

Fraud through mobile and all its diversity has a powerful foundation – human emotions. After all, any person experiencing psychological pressure is simply not able to adequately respond to the current situation, which means that it is easy to manipulate and use in criminal schemes.

The popular model of “divorce is not money” through the cellular is to play on the parental feelings of a teenage child, i.e. at the most crucial moment in the formation of the personality of a growing person, when anything can happen. We simulate the situation – at night a message arrives on the phone from an unknown number with a text such as: “Mom, I’m in trouble, urgently send 10,000 rubles to this number, I will explain everything later.” And this is enough to panic instantly in your head, and while you are frantically trying to understand what has happened, a call comes from the same number, supposedly from a law enforcement representative, who reports that your child has been caught red-handed in selling drugs and now he is in huge trouble, but the situation can be solved for a fee. And in such a situation common sense can easily be missed, it is unlikely that parents decide to call the police to make sure that the child is really in custody, and if at that moment the real offspring phone is unavailable, then it’s easy to panic and commit a mistake.

Offer to connect the service “Spy”

a man with a smartphone.jpgThis diagram works as follows: a message arrives on an Android smartphone with an attractive offer to connect a service with which you can track the coordinates of another device by phone number. To register, you need to send SMS to a short number and pass a mini survey through messages too. And here the most interesting part begins: for each SMS, a decent amount of money will “leak”, up to the zeroing of the account.

Congratulations! You won a car

Probably, there was not a single person left on the planet who wouldn’t receive such a message on the phone, only the “prize” (car, trip, money) changes, but the essence remains the same. To receive a win, you need to send an SMS message to a short number, which will instantly reset your balance. The “divorce” is old, but still effective for some naive citizens.

“Debt” on a bank loan

Continuing the theme of fraud via mobile, consider a scam related to non-existent cash credit. Here the criminals are no longer acting through messages, but using a call from an unknown number. The automatic informant will “remind” you of the debt, and in order to receive more detailed information, he will suggest switching to the voice menu. The main task is to delay time, because this call is paid. In addition, naive citizens can display bank numbers and other confidential data.

Dropped call

It is equally dangerous to call back to unfamiliar numbers. Quite often there are incoming calls for 2-3 seconds, followed by a reset call. But, calling back to them is not recommended, it can easily turn out to be a setup with a paid outgoing call.

Support Options

SOS.jpg The call is made either from a regular mobile number or from a hidden number. On the other side of the wire, a polite voice reports that at the moment the service is transferring mobile devices to another communication frequency (or any technical work is being performed, etc.) and all that remains for you is as before, you just need to dial a combination * 145 … And this is a combination designed to transfer funds from one balance to another, and irrevocable.

Another variant of the development of the cheating scenario: a call comes from supposedly technical support and they report some technical problems, as a result of which your number is blocked and the data of the caller ID are displayed incorrectly, so you need to call this number. Of course, for making a call, a certain amount will be charged from the account, limited only by the conscience of scammers.

And for the future: the technical service of any mobile operator does not make such calls.

Let me call

Imagine that such a cute and charming guy or girl comes up to you on the street and asks to call, naturally you kindly agree. A person dials a magic number and your account is reset, you get gratitude and an empty balance.

Return money back

A call comes from an unknown person who says that he inadvertently replenished your account instead of his own and tearfully asks for a refund. Return, just check your balance before this and make sure that the funds have indeed been transferred and in exactly the amount that the fraudster voiced.

Calls from “beauty salons”

Swindlers do not sleep. Probably, every woman received a call from a beauty salon more than once with a proposal to try an interesting procedure for free.

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