Key rules for buying a smartphone

Why does a child need a phone at school?
How does a child need a telephone at school, any parent can ask. But what happens is that suddenly you need to urgently tell him or pick up the keys…

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What were the first cell phones?
It is difficult to find today a man who does not have a mobile phone. It is used even by children who have barely learned to press buttons. For those…

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What new devices are designed for the visually impaired?
It is believed that about 80% of information a person receives through his vision. However, this figure is highly dependent on how well we see. There are very few people…

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Useful tips for owners of smartphones on Android 1

Correct settings will increase the phone’s operating mode

Create basic settings and rules: setting the minimum screen brightness, within a comfortable level, exiting previously used applications, disabling automatic synchronization of updates to installed applications, disabling services such as wi-fi, bluetooth, etc. at the time of their non-use;

Save, write down your password / graphic code to the phone

Due to Google’s privacy practices, a forgotten password on Android phones cannot be recovered. In turn, if the password for the smartphone is lost, then access to the phone is possible only after a complete flashing of the device, which leads to the complete removal of all data from the phone;

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Why do I need a protective glass

Despite the fact that protective films remain a popular accessory for the screen of smartphones and other gadgets, protective glasses are ahead of them in their practicality. What is safety glass? The protective glass for the phone is a very thin piece of transparent plastic, with a thickness of less than 1 millimeter, having a solid, but slightly bending structure. In its function, the protective glass resembles a protective film, protecting the display from damage. In this case, unlike the film, glass has several advantages.

Safety glass advantage
The main goal of protective glass for the screen is the ability to protect the phone display from the effects of shock. In the event of a fall, it is the protective glass that takes the blow, due to its strength. When the blow is strong, the protective glass breaks and bursts. Next, you just need to buy a new protective glass, which is a relatively inexpensive accessory. And, of course, the protective glass reliably protects the display itself from scratches. Do not forget that the screen of any smartphone is one of the most expensive parts of the device, so their cost can reach up to several thousand rubles, up to 40% of the price of the gadget, not including the cost of repair. Continue reading

Overview of convenient applications for learning English

Thousands of applications for Android smartphones have been created to help English learners, a description of some of them we offer in our review. Applications for learning foreign languages ​​are an additional tool with which you can not forget about English throughout the day, quite casually spending a few minutes a day on training, wherever you are. The better the application is developed, the easier and more convenient it can be to learn with it.

Applications are paid and free. Most applications offer both free training and advanced training for a fee. We will consider free options with the Russian interface, which allow saving and are popular programs.

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The radio module in the smartphone

Why do I need a radio module in the phone
The radio module in the mobile phone plays a crucial role. Its task is to receive and transmit network signals, i.e. it is thanks to him that you can make and receive calls, messages, use mobile Internet.

The radio module itself occupies a modest area on the motherboard. Interference, marriage during the installation of the module, the presence in the immediate vicinity of large metal elements impair the quality of signal transmission.

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Social networks in a smartphone

Only 10-15 years ago, social networks were something new and unknown, and today they have become so firmly entrenched in our reality that they have become an integral part of it, like cell phones. Social networks are some online platforms for communicating with friends or strangers, allowing you to make virtual acquaintances of common interests, make friends, listen to music and much more. The first social networks were created in the west, including Facebook, Twitter. Gradually, similar online sites began to appear in Russia: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc. However, a real surge of social networks began at the moment when smartphones appeared in the majority of the population and the developers came up with adapted applications for them.

To always be able to view the latest news feed, respond to an important online message, it makes sense to use social networks via a smartphone. To do this, you need a stable connection to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. Of course, you can use social networks through a mobile browser, but it is better to install an adapted application that is optimized for the phone screen. Like most other programs and applications for smartphones on Android, you can install a social network application through GooglePlay, which is accessed through a valid Google account. For each of the social networks, registration is required, indicating the personal data of the user. Continue reading

Why does a child need a phone at school?
How does a child need a telephone at school, any parent can ask. But what happens is that suddenly you need to urgently tell him or pick up the keys…


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