Android 10 - what's new, features and capabilities
The updated Android OS to version 10 is not yet found in mass production, but there is already a lot of information to consider what its differences are from previous…

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Smartphone photo editing options
Often the difference between the quality of a professional photo and an amateur photo is visible even to a layman. Moreover, the author’s artistic flair, compositional moments or the original…

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Is mobile phone safe?
Now no one is surprised by the fact that many people use not one, but two mobile phones. But few people think at the same time about the question of…

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How to restore factory settings in a smartphone

It is not uncommon when smartphones running on the Android OS start to fail. Variants of troubles can be a trivial software error or a situation where a virus infected the OS: for example, a banner virus that blocked the screen. Each time, downloading the next program to your smartphone, the risks of a system malfunction increase, since any third-party programs and their settings can affect the correct operation of the smartphone.
Often, you just need to thoroughly clean the internal memory of the device. In all of the above situations, resetting to factory settings (or restoring factory settings) becomes the best option.

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Smartphone catalog

The Highscreen smartphone brand has been widely known to the public for over a decade. Highscreen cell phones are distinguished by a wonderful combination of modern design, technology, reliability and affordable cost. By reducing advertising costs, the company offers phones at a competitive price. The official store presents the current catalog of smartphones in various price ranges. A new gadget can be purchased with delivery throughout the Russian Federation, to Kazakhstan, Belarus, with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Smartphone catalog
Highscreen Power Five Max 2
Max 2 is a great example of the perfect balance of price and functionality. The phone is equipped with a large high-resolution screen, the colors are saturated and bright. The large-format display is extremely convenient in operation, the information displayed on the screen is displayed in large sizes, it is convenient to view it, whether it is surfing the Internet, correspondence or reading. To support long standby time without recharging, the device has a high-capacity battery of 5000 mAh. Continue reading

What is the difference between cheap smartphones?

One of the important differences between the compared models is the type of operating system. The most popular and used system is Android. Although some manufacturers promote their own OS development, but as a rule, they do not provide such capabilities as Android, which is why Android is the undisputed leader. By the way, the Highscreen brand has something to offer, take the same Power Five Max 2 3/32 GB or Highscreen Expanse.

Screen diagonal

The size of the screen in an inexpensive category can vary from 4 ”to 6” inches. However, four-inch gadgets are rapidly losing popularity due to too small a screen on which it is not convenient to watch any information. The most popular models are smartphones with a large screen, at least 5.5 ”inches. Continue reading

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Popular smartphones 2020
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