Powerful dual sim smartphone
There is not a single owner of a mobile phone who would never have encountered the problem of additional expenses for calls to numbers of other mobile operators. Manufacturers of…

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ANDROID - description of the Android operating system and its features
• At the time of the appearance of the first mobile phones, few could have imagined that a few years would pass and the mobile phone would literally transform into…

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Smartphone catalog
The Highscreen smartphone brand has been widely known to the public for over a decade. Highscreen cell phones are distinguished by a wonderful combination of modern design, technology, reliability and…

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Choosing headphones for your Android smartphone

Modern smartphones on Android have become an integral attribute due to its functionality. Among the important features of the devices, one also cannot help but include additional functions – these are games, videos and of course music, which can be stored both in the internal memory of a mobile phone and on a memory card. The only thing left is to choose high-quality headphones for a smartphone. It is a mistake to assume that buying a headset for a phone is a simple matter, in order to get a high-quality and reliable gadget, you need to understand the criteria for choosing headphones.
Remember that the right choice is the key to sound quality and ease of use. In order for the Android phone to sound “to the fullest,” and listening to it is only a pleasure, you need to choose the right headphones. To do this, you need to understand a little how they are arranged and what characteristics they have. Continue reading

Useful tips for owners of smartphones on Android 1

Correct settings will increase the phone’s operating mode

Create basic settings and rules: setting the minimum screen brightness, within a comfortable level, exiting previously used applications, disabling automatic synchronization of updates to installed applications, disabling services such as wi-fi, bluetooth, etc. at the time of their non-use;

Save, write down your password / graphic code to the phone

Due to Google’s privacy practices, a forgotten password on Android phones cannot be recovered. In turn, if the password for the smartphone is lost, then access to the phone is possible only after a complete flashing of the device, which leads to the complete removal of all data from the phone;

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How does cellular communication work?

Many people think about how cellular networks work, what happens when we press the call button? When calling each other, the often called subscriber is not only within the same city, but even on another continent. How does cellular communications work?

In most of the territory of our country, mobile communications equipment is located, it is called base stations. They are clearly visible in open areas – in the fields between settlements. In the city, they are often placed on the roofs of buildings. The base station is able to pick up the signal from the smartphone at a distance of up to thirty-five kilometers, the contact between the towers is carried out by means of a special service or voice signal.

The active development of mobile communications has created a problem of limiting the frequency, namely, the working channels located close to each other began to overlap, creating interference. Continue reading

Popular smartphones 2020
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